The Story so Far - Part 1

The Caravan

A small group of adventurers are hired for as guards for a routine caravan supply run by Dalos Gray a crusader of Akarat, the god of light,

The group, along with Dalos, an elven scout called Serenthia and the caravan, set off.

A few days into the trip, the cleric of the group has a dream.
A dark figure with an eerier yet not ‘evil’ presence tells her that something is coming and to be careful.

The next day the scouts of the group see three travincal paladins accompanied with 20 hired mercs, they carry on knowing that if any problem were to break out that the odds were not in their favor.

When Dalos notices the paladins he offers to go talk to them alone, the paladins seemed agitated and angry for no reason, and point to the mercs to deal with the caravan if anything happens.
While talking Red overhears the conversation between the Crusader and the Templar , the paladins want all the crusaders dead for their betrayal and their pact with dark forces. Dalos tries to persuade the paladins that it is the paladins who are under the dark magic and that is why the crusaders left.
This angered the already agitated paladins and the leader of them drew his sword.

In the time it took for the paladin to draw his sword he was turned into red mist as Dalos lent into a shield bash sending a force of energy which obliterated the paladin, however this easy victory for dalos was short lived as he was then left open and has his right leg completely shattered and was unable to stand.

The third paladin, confident in his companions ability’s to kill a weakened opponent, moves to attack the group of adventurers.
Dalos puts a protective shield up while he quickly heals the damage and the adventurers prepare to take on an opponent much stronger than them.

With their combined forces of the group the adventurers managed to take out one of the Paladins and Stun the other. The few remaining mercs go to scatter and the group manage to capture some of them.

Dalos is surprised at the groups abilities and decides to test how much power they actually have within them, he suggests they try remove the curse with a spell, which the cleric manages using a ritual. The paladin then confirms that it was travincal church which is cursed and that he is a fairly new addition to the paladin order.

Dalos knows that that should not have been possible to reverse the curse, even through a ritual and by even a stronger cleric. and realises that this group he hired are far beyond that of a normal group of adventurers. He contacts the ‘old man’ through a magical scroll, and decides that this group might be able to help them gain an artifact simply known as ‘The map’ but before he tells the group about it he decides to entice them to help, and asks the old man to send Demialc with appropriate gifts for them for when they reach tristram, he would not tell the group about the gifts or the other errand he has planned just yet.

However unbeknownst to the group, they had other things to deal with before they would reach tristram .



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