The founding of the crusade order.

The Crusaders first came to power when a powerful cleric named Akkhan noticed that the Travincal Church, the holy place and head quarters of the Zakarum Paladins, had a great evil presence deep within it.
Akkhan soon noticed that Paladins were been corrupted and doing evil deeds in the name of Akarat, the god of Holy Light and Sun, and decided to secretly and independently found the crusader order.

Akkhan found a few uncorrupted paladins and recruited them to the crusaders and then left Travincal. They travelled east, slowly recruiting people who showed great potential.
Strength, Honour, Goodness, Faith and an unwavering sense of duty were just the basic requirements to even be considered for the crusaders.
No one with paladin training – with the exception of the very first few of uncorrupted – were allowed within the crusaders due to the fear and risk of the corruption spreading into Akkhans crusade.

“Do not hesitate to strike down your enemies. Death is their salvation from evil.”
— Crusader proverb

Growing in numbers the crusaders continued to travel east, until they reached the swamplands, it was there the crusaders set up a base of operations and trained in secret away from the eyes of the world, only leaving to recruit other crusaders to carry on as successors.
Each crusaders duty included teaching an apprentice to carry on the work of the crusader so that their ideals, name and work carries off once he passes from the mortal world.

When a crusader passes on, either through battle or through old age or illness, their apprentice will take on their name and shield of their teacher and carry on the crusader quest.
Each crusader does not believe that they will be the one who will rid the world of evil for good, or even cleanse the Zakarum church of the evil presence within it, they however do believe that they must carry on and do anything In their power to help future generations of crusaders to carry on destroying evil and a way that will destroy the evil for good will represent itself.


Crusaders generally train In the use of Flails/Morning however there are some crusaders who choose to use other weaponry – as is the case of the current Victoria Gray
Each crusader will also use a towering shield, this is far more than just for defensive purposes, each shield has the holy symbol of the Zakarum faith and is used to great effectiveness as a offensive and defensive weapon.

Newer crusaders and apprentices dress themselves in light armour, giving them the ability to easily travel the world until they have enough money or equipment to eventually buy more protective armour for their more sensitive parts.
Veteran crusaders learn to channel magic through their weaponry much like a warrior mage, this allows them to wield great big two handed weaponry with a single hand or use a single handed weapon with increased speed and precision.

“Armoured by faith, driven by duty, bound to kill the enemies of the Zakarum.”
— The Crusader Tomes (excerpt)

A Crusader’s armour is an emblem of their identity. Over the centuries it is constantly moulded and reshaped to fit the needs and personality of its current master. It is a crime for anyone who is not of the order to wear the armour of a Crusader, and its members are duty bound to kill anyone they find doing so.

Currently known Crusaders

Dalos Gray – Wields two handed Flail
Victoria Gray – Wields short sword


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